Classification of Products


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  • CNY-China Yuan
  • HKD-Hong Kong Dollar
  • USD-US Dollar
  • EUR-Euro
  • JPY-Japanese Yen
  • ETB-Ethiopian Birr
  • BRL-Brazilian Real
  • IDR-Indonesian Rupiah
  • MYR-Malaysian Ringgit
  • PKR-Pakistani Rupee
  • KZT-Kazakhstani Tenge
  • MMK-Myanmar Kyat
  • LAK-Lao Kip
  • EGP-Egyptian Pound
  • TRY-Turkish Lira
  • SAR-Saudi Arabian Riyal
  • AED-Emirati Dirham
  • ARS-Argentine Peso
  • MXN-Mexican Peso

Classification of Products:

Goods Shelf Electroscope Cable cutter Portable Short Circuit Ground Wire Safety Helmet Ranging Rod Fire Extinguisher Tapetum Lucidum Electric Hand Drill Lifting Belt Insulating Gloves Signboard Electric screw driver Insulating Bar Pincers  Ladder Hand-held electric sheet metal shears Portable Short Circuit Ground Lead Threading apparatus  Rope Puncture-Resistant Shoes Insulated Shoes Insulating Cetiped-Type Ladder Dehumidifier Screwdriver  Electric wrench  Hydraulic Clamp Wrench set  Hydraulic Curved Exhauster Electric pipe threading machine  Electric file Pipe wrench  Electric Hammer  Roll grip pipe wrench Telescopic Insulating Rod Fast pipe wrench Electric planer Pipe cutting knife Electric soldering iron  Saw  Electric grinder  Tap handle  Plastic welding machine Die handle  Electric welding machine  Pipe threaders Electroplax  Manual riveter Hand mallet  Electric knife Manual rivet nut gun Shear Vertical Fence Knives Brush Axe Combination tool  Rigging Winching Arc Preventive Coveralls SF6 Protective Clothing Insulation Ladder Cable Conveyor Acid Resistant Gloves Safety Tool Cabinet Goggles Other Insulation Shears (Cutting Bars) Ground Lead (Rod) Dust Gun Safety belt Insulating clothing Tape Measure Belt Machine Discharge Rod Dust Catcher Crimping Machine Square Ruler Snowboard Operating Arm Hydraulic Pump Fireproof Sheet Crane  Deicing Device Diverting Stream Line Life Jacket Electroscope Charged display Fire Cabinet Insulated Block
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