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Work Light / BAD308E-T

Made in China with High Quality


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Product Details

¤ Safety and reliability: This product has excellent explosion-proof performance and good anti-static effect, and can work safely and reliably in various inflammable and explosive places.

¤ High efficiency and energy saving: international brand LED light source is selected, with high light efficiency, high color rendering, low energy consumption, long service life, maintenance free and no subsequent use cost.

¤ Economic and environmental protection: high energy memoryless battery with large capacity and long service life, which can be recharged at any time, recycled, low self discharge rate, economic and environmental protection.

¤ Intelligent control: lamps and lanterns have three working modes: strong light, working light and stroboscopic. The strong light and working light can be changed at will. Intelligent charger has over charge, short circuit protection and charging display device, which can extend the service life of lamps and lanterns. BAD308E-TZ lamp is equipped with infrared induction control function, which can switch on light, strong light and working light through gesture.

¤ Electric quantity detection: special electric quantity  function, when the battery power is insufficient, the strong light will automatically switch to the working light state, which is convenient for emergency use.

¤ Easy to use: humanized design, the lamp can be directly worn or installed on the helmet, and the lighting angle can be adjusted at will.

¤ Light and flexible: small size, light weight, delicate structure, light and beautiful.


¤ Rated voltage:3.7V

¤ Rated capacity:1.8Ah

¤ Matched light source: LED (1 / 0.5W)

¤ Average service life: 1000000h

¤ Service life of battery: about 1000 cycles

¤ Continuous working time: strong light: ≥ 8h working light: ≥ 16h

¤ Boundary dimension (length × width × height): 60 × 40 × 40mm

¤ Scope of application: Zone 1 and 2

¤ Explosion proof sign: Exib II CT4 Gb

¤ Protection grade:IP65

Warom Technology Incorporated Company

ESGCC GLOBAL Bronze Member

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