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Searchlight / BAD305

Made in China with High Quality


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Product Details

¤ Safe and reliable: This product has excellent explosion-proof performance and can work safely and reliably in various inflammable and explosive places.

¤ High efficiency and energy saving: international brand LED light source is selected, with high light efficiency, high color rendering, low energy consumption, long service life, maintenance free and no subsequent use cost.

¤ Economic and environmental protection: high energy memoryless battery with large capacity and long service life, which can be recharged at any time, recycled, low self discharge rate, economic and environmental protection.

¤ Intelligent control: using pulse dimming technology, strong light and working light can be converted at will; intelligent charger has over charge, short circuit protection and charging display device, which can extend the service life of lamps and lanterns.

¤ Waterproof and anti falling: the shell is made of imported high hardness alloy material to ensure that the product can withstand strong impact and impact; multiple waterproof structures with excellent waterproof performance can be used in various harsh environments.

¤ Electric quantity display: special electric quantity detection function, which can know the electric quantity state of lamps at any time.

¤ Anti strong interference: adopt scientific module driving circuit, with strong anti shock and anti electromagnetic interference ability.

¤  Heat insulation treatment: the LED radiator is effectively isolated from the battery to improve the stability of the lamp.

¤ Light and durable: the lamp is small in size, light in weight, delicate in structure, light and beautiful; it can be carried by hand, Messenger, hanging and other ways to meet various work needs.


¤ Rated voltage: 14.8V

¤ Rated capacity: 2Ah

¤ Matched light source: LED(9/3W)

¤ Average service life: 1000000h

¤ Continuous working time: strong light: ≥ 8h working light: ≥ 16h

¤ Service life of battery: about 1000 cycles

¤ Overall dimension (outer diameter × length): φ 62 × 180mm

¤ Scope of application: Zone 1 and 2

¤ Explosion proof sign:Exd ia II CT6 Gb

¤ Protection grade:IP68

Warom Technology Incorporated Company

ESGCC GLOBAL Bronze Member

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