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SY1003 Variable Ratio Comprehensive Tester for High and Low Voltage CT

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Product Details

1. Online  measure the high-voltage current transformer ratio and polarity electrically below 35kV, and judge whether the TA wiring is correct;
2. Test load power and power factor electrically to judge whether the electric energy meter wiring is correct;
3. The low voltage flexible current clamp is suitable for busbar measurement. The high voltage current clamp can measure 0.01A low current;
4. The tester can be used as the high voltage clamp ammeter -600A or 100A, low voltage flexible clamp ammeter 3000A, high precision leakage current meter -10A, AC voltmeter -500V, AC power meter -high voltage, low voltage, high current and low voltage secondary side, high voltage CT variable ratio polarity tester, low voltage CT variable ratio polarity tester, single phase voltammeter, single phase power quality analyzer, etc;
5. Smart APP expands the following functions:
Connecting the meter through bluetooth to read the measured results and display the results on the smart phone in real time; saving data with geographic information , adding image attachments, notes, storage, sharing, query, etc;exporting word report using own defined template and can be shared with others.


Specification and model: SY1003
Current range and accuracy:
0-10A, 0.5%; 0-3000A, 1.0%;
600A current clamp -two range: 0~600A, 0~100A -capable of measuring 0.01A low current, 1%。
CT transformation ratio: 1--9999
Frequency: 45-65Hz
Phase: 360°
Power factor: -1.0000-1.0000


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