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Outdoor High Voltage Isolating Switch Circuit Breaker High Voltage Bus Substation

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Product Details


(H) GW5 outdoor high voltage isolating switch is used for three-phase AC 50Hz outdoor high-voltage electrical equipment. It is used to open and close the line under voltage and no load, and to repair and repair the high-voltage bus, circuit breaker and other electrical equipment and live power The high-voltage line is used for electrical isolation, and can also be used to open and close small capacitors or inductor currents. When the knife is in the normal opening position.


Main structure and characteristics:

1. Each pole of the isolating switch is composed of a base, two pillar insulators, a terminal block, left and right contact assembly, and a grounding knife;

2. The shaft and socket are connected between the contact finger and the contact base, and the copper soft connection is used between the terminal board and the contact rod, which greatly reduces the main circuit resistance of the product.

3. The two pillar insulators are installed on the same base in a "V" arrangement, which has the advantages of a small footprint and reduced installation of metal frames;

4. It adopts rolling shaft transmission, which saves labor, flexible rotation, and easy opening and closing.

5. The bevel gear rotates to ensure that the opening and closing actions of the two columns are consistent;

6. The axis of the two pillars intersects at an angle of 50 degrees, and the rotation angle reaches 90 degrees. After opening, there is a sufficient margin of insulation isolation fracture to ensure its safety;

7. The base arm arm and the draw rod are driven by the operating mechanism to synchronously rotate the two-pillar insulators to realize the opening and closing operations.

8. There are three methods of ungrounding, single grounding and double grounding, and there is a reliable mechanical interlock between the main shaft and the ground to ensure its safety;

9, equipped with CJ2 automatic operating mechanism or CS-17G manual mechanism, etc., can be attached with electromagnetic lock. The positioning device on the operating mechanism can ensure that the contact and the static contact are in the correct contact position or breaking position.


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