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Outdoor High Voltage AC Load Switch Voltage Transformer Circuit Protection Equipment

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Product Details


FZW28F-12 outdoor demarcation vacuum load switch is used in the installation on the column, with manual and electric operation functions. The switch body adopts the maintenance-free load switch VSP5-12 imported from Japan Toshiba, and uses vacuum arc extinguishing and SF6 gas as the insulating medium. This product meets the following standards:

1.GB3904-2004 3.6 kV ~ 40.5 kV high voltage AC load switch

2. GB / T11022 common technical requirements for high-voltage switchgear and control equipment standards

3. This manual describes the structure, function, installation and commissioning method of outdoor demarcation vacuum load switch.

 4.FZW28F-12 outdoor demarcation vacuum load switch has fault detection, protection, control and communication functions. It is installed on 10 kV lines and can automatically cut off single-phase ground faults and automatically isolate short-circuit faults between phases. It is suitable for the T connection or user end of the 10 kV distribution line user incoming line, and can also be used for other branch line connections that meet the requirements.


II. Environmental conditions for use:

1. The upper limit of ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 ℃, and the lower limit does not exceed -45 ℃;

2. The wind speed is not more than 35m / s;

3. The altitude is not higher than 1000m, and the seismic intensity does not exceed 8 degrees;

4. Environmental humidity: monthly average relative humidity is not more than 90%; daily average relative humidity is not more than 95%;

5. The thickness of icing does not exceed 10㎜;

6. The installation place should be a place without flammable, explosive, chemical corrosion and frequent severe vibration;

7. Neutral safety grounding method: The neutral point is not grounded, the neutral point is grounded through the arc suppression coil, and the neutral point is grounded through a small resistance.


III. Basic institutions

The demarcation switch is composed of two parts: VSP5-12 vacuum load switch and fault detection controller that introduce Toshiba technology. Electrical connections are made via aviation sockets and outdoor sealed control cables. It adopts vacuum arc extinguishing and SF6 gas insulation. The built-in main circuit isolation knife is connected in series with the arc extinguishing chamber and has high insulation performance. Improved electromagnetic mechanism, can be electric, manual closing. A pressure release area is set above the switch, with a "flop" indication. Built-in zero-sequence and short-circuit protection current transformers; built-in (or external) voltage transformers to provide operating power. The entire structure is maintenance-free.

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