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Oil-immersed Distribution Transformer/Power Transformer Under 35kV

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$1000.00 - $250000.00/Sets | 1  Sets (Minimum Order Quantity)

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Product Details

The power transmission and distribution system transfers electricity from remote power plants to users through regulation. The electricity is transmitted through high-voltage transmission lines, and then it can be used by users only after several substations are decompressed. Distribution transformer located near the end power user will eventually reduce the voltage to the appropriate value. Transformers that reduce the voltage to the working voltage of electrical equipment are called distribution transformers, which are used for daily lighting and power plant, and generally have a low voltage of 0.4 kV or less. Distribution transformer capacity is small, generally in 2500 kVA and below; primary voltage is also low, all in 35 kV and below. Unlike ordinary oil-immersed transformers, the fully sealed Distribution Transformer manufactured by our company cancels the oil storage tank and uses the fin plate of the corrugated tank body as the heat dissipating and expanding element to completely isolate the transformer oil from the atmosphere. Distribution transformer includes capacitance regulating transformer and dual voltage distribution transformer. Capacitance-regulating transformer is a distribution transformer with two capacities, which can be adjusted according to the load. The change of connection mode of high-voltage winding, the conversion of parallel and series low-voltage windings and the adjustment of each connection part are all accomplished by a special non-excitation capacitance regulating switch. At the same time, when large capacity is adjusted to small capacity, the flux density of core decreases greatly due to the increase of low-voltage turns, which reduces the unit loss of silicon steel sheet, and reduces the no-load loss and no-load current, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing loss and saving energy. Dual-voltage distribution transformer is a kind of distribution transformer with two voltages, which can be adjusted according to the grid voltage. The parallel and series transformations of high voltage windings and the adjustment of the tapping parts are all accomplished by a special non-excitation switch. Characteristics: Distribution transformer is designed by CAD, and its performance meets IEC 60076, GB1094 and GB/T6451 standards. Distribution transformer cores are made of cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel sheets and are manufactured by step-Lap process in the automatic core production line of GEOGE Company, Germany. Distribution transformer tank is corrugated tank, which is processed and manufactured by the automatic production line of GEOGE Company in Germany. The surface pretreatment fluid and coating powder are all made of international brand products. The tank is sprayed powder after automatic production line degreasing, pickling, phosphating and electrophoresis, and then cured at high temperature. The transformer has strong external corrosion resistance. Distribution transformer coils are wound by high strength enameled wire (or paper wrapped wire), with uniform ampere-turn distribution, reasonable insulation structure and strong short-circuit resistance. Distribution transformer body adopts hanging-free core structure and sealing parts adopt high-quality acrylic rubber, which can effectively prevent light aging and thermal aging.




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