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Insulating Gloves Made From Natural Rubber Highly Qualified Electrical Insulation

Permanent deformation after stretching is no more than 15 percent

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Proposed Price

$25.00 - $140.00/Pairs | 20  Pairs (Minimum Order Quantity)

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Product Details

The function and technical requirement:

1.The gloves are made from natural rubber  and its shape is separated- finger type. 

2.The color of the gloves is proportioned with a smooth surface. There are no apparent defects such as pinhole, stain,crack, impurity in sand hole, damage after pruning and clamping trace. Other situations are not possible to happen such as obvious ripples and mode trace, splash of stains. Meanwhile the gloves will not turn sticky and crisp. 

3.The total length of the gloves for high voltage is no less than  460±10 mm; the total length of the gloves for low voltage is no less than 270±10mm.

4.The gloves feature with highly qualified electrical insulation.

5.The average tensile strength is no less than 14MPa; the elongation at break is no less than 600%.

6.Permanent deformation after stretching is no more than 15%. 

7.The mechanical penetration resistance of the insulating gloves is no less than 18N/mm.



1.When users purchase the gloves, the gloves should be sent to conduct electric performance Test in the the designated testing institution if there is  mildewy after the gloves are wet or caught in the rain during the transportation and storage process. 

2. There is a need for inflation test. If there is any damage, it can’t be used.                   

3.When completing the task, the cuff should be rolled into the sleeve to prevent any accident.  

4.After use, the filth from inside and outside should be cleaned. When the glove is dry, talc powder should be sprinkled on. And  the gloves are supposed to be placed flat to prevent from compression and damage. 。 

5.They shoulder be stored in the storeroom which is dry and well-ventilated. In this storeroom, the temperature should be set from -15℃ to +30℃ with relative humidity ( from 50%-80%). 

6.Preventive experience must be conducted after six month usage. 



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