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Insulating Boots High-Voltage Insulating Boots Or Mine Boots

Safety protection shoes, electrical safety protection items, factory direct sales

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Product Details

Product Description:

Insulating boots is also named high-voltage insulating boots or mine boots. The so-called insulation refers to insulating materials that seal the shared body  in order to separate the shared body or electric conductor in different electric potential and enable the flow of the electric current in a certain access. A qualified insulation is the necessary requirement for ensuring the equipment and the normal operation of the circuit. Moreover it is an important measure to prevent accident of electronic shock. The insulation materials often possess following function: heat-sink cooling, mechanical support, fixing, energy saving, arc extinction,moisture-proof,dust-proof and prevention of electric conductor. 

1.According the requirement of new standard, the thickness of the sole in the electrical insulating shoes (pattern excluded)is no less than 4 mm. If the pattern can’t be measured, the thickness is no less than 6 mm.

2. There should be standard number, words that stand for insulation words and voltage values on the sole and the upper of the insulating shoes. 

3. The length of grinding on the outsole of the insulating leather shoes is not more than 10mm; the abrasion loss of the insulating cloth shoes is not more than 1.4cm3; the  abrasion loss  of rubber boots with electrical insulation that is  15kv or below should be no more than 1.0cm3; the   abrasion loss of rubber boots with electrical insulation is expected to be no more than 1.9cm3.



1. Insulating shoes should be chosen according to voltage level in the working place. Low voltage insulating shoes are not allowed to be used as safety assistance in electrical device of high voltage.  High voltage insulating shoes ( boots) can be sued as auxiliary safety appliance both in electrical device of high and low voltage. Whether you are wear low or high insulating shoes,  it is not allowed to touch electrical devices with the hands. 

2. Cloth Insulating shoes can only be used in the dry environment to avoid the cloth to be wet.  

3. Insulating shoes( boots) shouldn’t be torn when using. 

4. When wearing insulating boots, the trouser leg  should be put into the  boots. The length of the trouser leg shouldn’t reach the stripe of the shoe’s sole or even reach the floor to ensure the dry of the cloth.  

5.Rubber-soled shoes that is not Acid-Alkaline resistant old can’t get in touch with acid-base oil substance and shouldn’t be stabbed by sharp objectives.It the patterns have been polished in the Low-voltage Insulation shoes and the inside color is revealed, such shoes can’t be used as Insulation shoes.  

6. When purchasing insulation shoes, permanent maker for insulation should be examined such as red lighting sign, the sign for voltage withstand, the qualification inside the shoes, safety identification certificate, production license number.

7.One preventive experiment should be completed after the product have been used for six month. Shoes that are not qualified due to the piercing of sharp objects can’t be used as  insulation shoes.



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