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Heavy Cable Shelf

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$920.00 | 50  Sets (Minimum Order Quantity)

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Product Details

Heavy cable rack is also called cable release rack. According to its use, it is also called cable disk bracket, wire axle disk bracket, cable release bracket and so on. Cable racks are commonly used in power industry. Cable rack can solve the problems of large volume, heavy weight, inconvenient use and large space occupation of wire tray. Cable rack is composed of pillar, base, arm and other materials. It has a complete assembled structure and is easy to install and disassemble.


1. L1700 * W3000 * H3600mm, a total of two layers of brackets, two layers placed, the lower bearing capacity can reach 3000KG, the upper layer 3000KG, each group is two layers, each side placed two cable trays, shelf pillars and accessories light blue PANTONE3015C, bearing platform using orange PANTONE 165C;
2. The tensile strength/yield limit of column steel is 300-430 Mpa/> 205 Mpa. The column distortion is less than 1 degree/m; the tensile strength/yield limit of other components steel is 300-430 Mpa/>= 205 Mpa.
3. The compressive strength, tensile strength and shear strength of all fasteners in grade 4.8 or 8 of the national standard are not less than 205N/mm2, 175N/mm2 and 120 N/mm2, respectively.
4. Corrosion resistance (smoke test) national standard GB1771-2007 > 500 hours. Spraying quality national standard GB6807-2008. The seismic fortification intensity is magnitude 6.
5. Under the condition of normal use and maintenance, the service life of the product is 5 years.


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