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$3000.00 - $300000.00/Sets | 1  Sets (Minimum Order Quantity)

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Product Details

Rated capacity: 20MVA; rated voltage and tapping range: 35±3x2.5%/10.5kV; Rated frequency: 50Hz; Cooling method: AN; phase: 3-phase: Vector group:Yd11; Insulation level: HV wiring terminals: LI/AC 170/70 LV wiring terminals: LI/AC 75/35
Main property of the product: Impedance voltage: 10%, with stipulated tolerance in national standard ;No-load loss: 21kW, no-load current: 0.3%;Load loss: 85kW;Total loss: 106kW Insulation and thermal resistance: H grade; the temperature rise is designed at F level, coil<100K, Noise level: ≤62dB (1m) Partial discharge: ≤10pC

35kV three-phase Resin-Cast Dry-Type no-load voltage-regulating power transformer, according to the current power market demand for short-circuit resistance and mechanical strength, low loss, low noise, low partial discharge, large capacity dry-type power transformer, but also for Qianjiang Electric Group Co., Ltd. transformer products need to step up again. On the basis of mature production experience of 10kV and 35kV grade dry-type power transformers, and drawing lessons from mature design, manufacture and production experience of many factories at home and abroad, and relying on scientific and technological progress, the 35kV Resin-Cast Dry-Type no-load voltage regulating power transformer has been independently developed and completed.

Main process characteristics and innovations of the product:
1, low loss: no-load loss test value: 20.717 kW, no-load current test value: 0.13%. Rated tap load loss test value: 82.252 kW. 

2, low partial discharge: According to IEC and GB standard tests, three-phase measured partial discharge test values are less than 10 pC. 

3, low temperature rise: H grade insulation material, according to F grade insulation material temperature rise design: coil temperature rise 100K. Using 200-grade composite enameled wire, current density 2.1A/mm and thin insulation technology without filler, with multi-channel heat sink in the middle, good heat dissipation, to ensure that the coil has a low temperature rise and sufficient thermal margin. 

4, low noise: noise test value: sound pressure self-cooling (AN) is 58 dB.
5, flux density of core 1.53T, using 5-step inclined joint, the no-load loss, no-load current and noise have been greatly reduced.
6. Integral structure: Hard support between low-voltage coil and core; 200-grade composite enameled wire for winding, glass fiber for interlayer, H-grade resin poured by HUNTSMAN company in low vacuum state, which has better mechanical strength; unique "airway bar" for airway in coil increases support point and greatly increases support point. The mechanical strength of the coil is added to ensure that the transformer has better mechanical strength and short-circuit resistance through the above measures.




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