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Drop-out Fuse Power Line Protection equipment outdoor high-voltage protection appliances

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Product Details


The drop-out fuse and the load drop-out fuse are outdoor high-voltage protection appliances. It is installed on the high-voltage side of the distribution transformer or the branch line of the distribution line, and is used for short-circuit, overload protection and switching of the transformer and line, and the load current. The drop-out fuse is composed of an insulating bracket and a fuse tube. The static contacts are installed at both ends of the insulating bracket, and the moving contacts are installed at both ends of the fuse tube. The wire tube is composed of a layer of arc suppression tube and an outer layer of epoxy glass. Tube composition. The load-dropping fuse adds elastic auxiliary contacts and arc-extinguishing cover to divide and close the load current.

During normal operation of the drop-out fuse, the fuse tube is tensioned by the fuse to form a closed position. When a fault occurs in the system, the fuse blows quickly at the fault current, and an arc is formed. The arc extinguishing tube is heated by the arc and decomposes a large amount of gas, causing a high pressure in the tube, and forming a vertical blow along the pipe, the arc is quickly elongated And extinguished. After the fuse is blown, the lower moving contact loses its tension and turns over, the locking mechanism releases the fuse tube, and the fuse tube falls, forming an obvious breaking position. When the load needs to be pulled, the contact is pulled away with the insulating rod. At this time, the active and static auxiliary contacts are still in contact. Continue to pull the contact with the insulating rod, the auxiliary contact is also separated, the auxiliary is also separated, and the auxiliary contact An arc is generated between the arc and the arc is elongated in the slit of the arc extinguishing hood. At the same time, the arc extinguishing hood generates gas and extinguishes the arc when the current crosses zero.


Operating environmental conditions:

1. Product normal use conditions

a) The ambient temperature is not higher than + 40 ℃ and not lower than -40 ℃;

b) Altitude does not exceed 1000m;

c) The maximum wind speed does not exceed 35m / s;

d) The seismic intensity does not exceed 8 degrees;

2. The product department is applicable to the following production sites;

a) Locations where there is a risk of fire or explosion

b) Places with severe vibration or shock

c) Conductive, chemical gas and severe pollution, salt spray area.


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