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Combined Transformer (American Box Transformer)/Box Type Substation

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$5000.00 - $60000.00/Sets | 1  Sets (Minimum Order Quantity)

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Product Details

I. Product Overview:            

SB-M series box transformer (hereinafter referred to as box transformer) is different from the domestic box transformer substation. It immerses transformer body, high voltage load switch, fuse and other protective elements in the insulating liquid. If the box transformer with high ignition point insulating liquid (ignition point > 312 C) is used, it can be installed in the field requiring high fire and explosion protection. All right. And can meet the user measurement, reactive power compensation, low voltage shunting and other configuration requirements.            The product meets GB/T1904 standard, and refers to JB/T10217 "Combined Transformer" requirement of Ministry of Machinery Industry Standard. This series of box transformer has the characteristics of strong output capacity, low noise, less loss, small volume, compact structure, flexible and convenient installation, safety and reliability.           

2. Product characteristics:           

1. Structural characteristics:            

The box structure of this series of products is divided into front and back parts. The front is the high and low voltage operation interval. The high-voltage interval includes high-voltage terminals, load switches, unloaded tap changers, plug-in fuses, pressure release valves, oil thermometers, oil level meters and oil discharge valves. The low voltage interval includes a low voltage terminal. The rear part is the fuel tank body and radiator. The transformer winding and iron core, high voltage load switch and protective fuse are all in the tank.            

2. Performance characteristics:           

2.1 Compact structure, small size, flexible and convenient installation            

2.2 Fully insulated structure, fully sealed, reliable guarantee of personal safety            

2.3 Double fuse protection is adopted to reduce operation cost. The fuse of insertion fuse is double sensitive fuse (temperature and current).            

2.4 can be used in both terminal system and loop system.            

2.5 High-voltage feeder adopts cable connector structure, which has the characteristics of disconnector, easy operation and flexibility.           

2.6 Transformer is a three-phase three-column structure. The core adopts step-Lap technology, so it has low noise, low loss, strong short circuit resistance and overload resistance.            

2.7 The insulating oil with high ignition point can be applied to all kinds of harsh environments after being coated with "three-proof" and cathodic electrophoresis powder.




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