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Box type substation ybw-12 / 0.4 Outdoor Prefabricated Substation Sealed Multiple Anti-corrosion Safety

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Product Details

YBW-12 / 0.4 prefabricated substation:

This product fully complies with the standard of G17467-2010 "High Voltage / Low Voltage Prefabricated Substation". It is suitable for urban public power distribution, street lamp power, industrial and mining enterprises, urban buildings, residences, mountainous areas, hotels, parks, and construction sites.

Use environment:

◆ Altitude: ≤1000m;

◆ Ambient temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃;

◆ Temperature: The highest monthly average temperature is 30 ℃, and the highest annual average temperature is 20 ℃;

◆ Relative humidity: daily average≤95%, monthly average≤90%;

◆ Anti-shock level: horizontal acceleration 0.4m / s2, vertical acceleration 0.15m / s2;

◆ Installation location: No severe impact, severe pollution and chemical corrosion, no conductive dust, Egypt explosion danger place

◆ When the normal use conditions cannot be met, please consult with our company to resolve it.

Product structure drawing features:

◆ The basic structure of the box transformer is divided into "mesh" and "product" shapes. The frame of the box body is welded with high quality channel steel and angle steel, which has high mechanical strength. The box body is made of aluminum alloy profiles, which has better Anti-corrosion ability, the overall beautiful appearance can be coordinated with the surrounding environment through painting and coloring. The well-designed bottom lifting device provides great convenience for installation and transportation.

◆ There are independent high-voltage room, transformer room and low-voltage room inside the box transformer, and the lighting of each room is automatically turned on as the door is opened. A high-voltage ring network switchgear is installed in the high-voltage room. The pressure / vacuum load switch can be selected according to the needs of the user. The switch is automatically opened to avoid failure caused by lack of phase operation.

◆ Transformer room adopts natural ventilation and automatic controlled forced cooling air cooling device. It has an exhaust system that automatically controls as the temperature changes. It can effectively reduce the temperature in the box and meet the operating requirements. The device, according to the requirements of the user, can be easily accessed from the sides of the transformer room from the gate along the track. The box material can prevent rain and dirt from entering, and has the conditions for long-term outdoor use, ensuring anti-corrosion and waterproof, dust-proof performance, long service life, simple maintenance, and beautiful appearance.

◆ Transformers can be dry-type or oil-immersed transformers. Oil-immersed transformers are available with oil pillow and oil-free pillow full seal.

◆ The low-voltage room has the overall function of low-voltage complete switchgear, which can be selected by users and combined in any way.

◆ Shell material: The shell material includes composite plate, stainless steel composite plate, aluminum-zinc plate, stainless steel plate, and metal carved plate.

◆ Structural features: The high-voltage structure is reasonable and compact. SF6, FZN57, and VHC ring network cabinets can be selected, all of which have five-way interlocking functions.

Transformer natural ventilation and automatic ventilation cooling system can be applied to dry and oil-immersed transformers.

◆ Low voltage room: It can adopt a variety of power distribution schemes according to user requirements, including power distribution, lighting distribution, automatic reactive power compensation, energy measurement and other functions. It is equipped with automatic lighting system.


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