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Anti-static Work Clothes XJ-02 Blue

Electrostatic protection

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$42.00 - $53.00/Unit/Units | 300  Unit/Units (Minimum Order Quantity)

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Product Details

Anti-static work clothes are special work clothes which are suitable for petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, refining and other industries with anti-static accumulation performance. In order to prevent the accumulation of static electricity on clothing, anti-static fabrics are used as fabrics, and the work clothes are sewn according to the prescribed style and structure.

Antistatic fabrics are fabrics made by blending conductive fibers into yarns or inserting conductive filaments in textiles. They can also be treated fabrics with antistatic properties.

The use of stainless steel fibers, sub-conductive fibers, anti-static synthetic fibers and polyester-cotton blended or blended fabrics, can automatically corona discharge or leakage discharge, can eliminate clothing and human static electricity, in addition to clothing, can also be used to make anti-static hats, socks, shoes and so on. Its performance meets GB12014-89 standard: charge density of cloth less than 5 uC.



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