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GW9 Outdoor AC High Voltage Disconnector Power Equipment Accessories

AC High Voltage Disconnector

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Product Details


GW9-10 outdoor high-voltage isolating switch is a single-phase AC 50HZ high-voltage switchgear, used in the power system with a rated voltage of 10KV, used as a connection or isolation power supply under voltage and no load.

This isolating switch is operated with insulating rods.


 Use Environment:

a. The altitude does not exceed 1000 meters

b. Ambient air temperature: upper limit + 40 ° C, lower limit general area -30 ° C, alpine area -40 ° C

c. Wind pressure does not exceed 700Pa (equivalent to wind speed 34m / s)

d. The seismic intensity does not exceed 8 degrees

e. No frequent and severe vibration place

f. The ordinary installation site should be free of gases, vapors, chemical deposits, salt spray, dust and other explosive and aggressive substances that seriously affect the insulation and electrical conductivity of the knife switch. The anti-pollution type is suitable for heavily polluted areas, but not There should be fire and explosive substances


Structure and Working Principle:

The isolating switch is a single-phase structure, each phase is composed of a chassis, a post insulator, a gate knife, a contact, etc. The side of the gate knife has a screw for adjusting the contact pressure and a spring for pressing, and the upper end is equipped with a fixed buckle and The connected self-locking device is used for opening and closing of the insulated hook rod.

Compared with unimproved products, the new products have the advantages of large contact area, low contact resistance, good electrical conductivity, and mechanical strength.

The isolating switch is generally installed in a flip-chip manner, and it can also be installed vertically or at an angle (the moving contact is below). Use M12D bolts to fix the base frame in a suitable position on the crossarm. It should be convenient to pull on the ground with a hook And close the knife, and ensure that the chassis will not loosen during operation. The incoming line should be connected to the static contact side, the outgoing line should be connected to the moving contact side, and an appropriate distance should be maintained between the three-phase switches to avoid short circuit.


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