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Digital Dual-clamp Phase Voltammeter SY2000E

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Product Details

1. Measure AC current, voltage, frequency and phase between any input of  two channels
2. Hand-held structure, oversized display with backlight and data hold functions;
3. Provided with USB communication port and attached software capable of displaying data measured by the meter on the computer in real time; automatically recording the measured results as per  sampling interval; displaying the change trend of the measured results by charts.


Specification and model: SY2000E
Current range: 200mA/2A/10A, resolution 0.1mA
Error limit: ± (0.3% reading + 0.2% range)
Voltage range: 20V/200V/500V, resolution 0.01V
Error limit: ± (0.3% reading + 0.2% range)
Phase: 360° Resolution: 0.1° Error limit: ±2°
Phase measuring current range:5mA-10A, phase measuring voltage range: 3V-500V


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