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Dds3102-p4 rail type single-phase power distribution monitor

1000  Rolls (Minimum Order Quantity)

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Product Details

Function and characteristics
1. Measuring single-phase voltage, current, metering positive, reverse active energy, and having power direction identification and indication function;
2. P4 can be equipped with time-sharing and multi-rate energy metering, freezing, and load curve functions. The time table and rate parameters can be set by the host computer;
3. With 1 RS485 communication interface, MODBUS-RTU protocol and DL/T645-2007 protocol are optional, with one active energy pulse output;
4. The current loop below 60A can be directly connected, and the current transformer outside the 60A circuit is equipped with a current transformer and the secondary line is connected;
5. The voltage signal is supplied without the auxiliary power supply;
6. P4 has a background prepaid function, optional built-in relay control;
7. Small size, 35mm standard rail mounting.


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