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200A High Voltage Fuse

200A Outdoor High Voltage Drop Fuse

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$30.00 | 15  Yard/Yards (Minimum Order Quantity)

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Product Details

Product Characteristics 

Outdoor high-voltage drop-out fuse cutout is widely applicable for 10KV electric distribution as protector. It is used to protect transformer, capacitor, cable, branch cable in electric distribution system . From melting current (min) to dropout current (max), the fuse can supply reliable overload protection and short-circuit protection on right time (all products can be installed arcing chamber) .

Product performance 

1.Durable and corrosion resistant – Zinc impregnation on surface .

2.Excellent conductivity: In order to enhance the electrical conductivity of products, touching contacts is plated with thick silver, enhancing the conductivity and electric arcing resistance, greatly improving service life of the products .

3.Single-phase exhausting : Exhaust downward and outward, preventing the rain water intrusion and floating ion gas threat to upper line, then avoid short-circuit .

4.UV radiation resistance : Surface on fuse tube is plated with special coating, it can effectively prevent UV radiation .

Advantages :

1.Fuse installation is simple, even people can work with gloves .

2.Solid copper casting ensure opening and closing reliable, fusion tube and fusion wall is made of new materials and inorganic materials, it won’t be affected or damaged by moist

3.It’s very simple to insert or unload fusion tube, unnecessary to adjust.

4.Tripping is reliable, it is not matter with fault current .


12KV, 200A, 50HZ


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